Our Approach: Giving You a Worry-Free Solution to Running Your Salon & Spa

“It would be an honor to help enhance what is already a wonderful senior living experience!”

Leave every aspect of managing your salon and spa to Generations Salon Services, including…

  • Hiring and managing staff,
  • Delivering excellent salon and spa experiences at reasonable prices, and
  • Providing quality salon products.

Nationwide, we manage more than 300 on-site salons, serving 30,000+ residents each month. Our client list includes for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as organizations with multiple communities.

To stay in touch with the industry and continually best serve residents, we maintain memberships in many state and national associations, and stylists receive periodic in-service training.

Creating a Special Experience

Our mission is synonymous with your mission…serving your residents’ best interests. We accomplish this by staffing local, licensed stylists who:

  • Have a desire to work with mature clientele,
  • Are experienced with seniors’ needs and preferences,
  • Become a part of your team,
  • Aspire to the highest level of service.

We also orient our stylists to the special needs of your community, especially if there are residents with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Meeting Your Needs Too

Our services allow you to benefit from the best of both worlds: a local stylist who is supported by a company specializing in salon and spa services for mature adults. An experienced regional manager is available to maximize resident satisfaction.

We take the every day issues that may arise with the salon and spa off your to-do-list so you can focus on other tasks at hand.

Generations Salon Services also can help make your salon a strong selling point for prospects, supporting your marketing and sales efforts and making the salon an important stop for community tours.


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