Generations Salon Services is the premier provider in our industry. We have successfully grown the past 20+ years through word-of-mouth and referrals. We currently serve 300+ communities, and many of them became customers as a result of a referral.

Q: I’ve always assumed that the local beauty shop was my only source for salon and spa services. Why should I use your company vs. the local beautician?

A: Generations Salon Services recruits and orients stylists from your local area. As a result, you get the best of both worlds—a local stylist who is supported by a company specializing in salon and spa services for mature adults. In addition, we have substitutes available when the regular stylist is out sick or on vacation, material safety data sheets for the products we use, $1 million of professional liability insurance, written infection control procedures and regional managers to maximize resident satisfaction. Many times these benefits are not available from your local beauty or barber shop. Also, local beauticians may be trained how to do hair in a salon setting, but not how to work in a senior community or health care center such as yours. In nursing centers or memory-impairment communities, local beauticians also may not know how to respond to residents with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Generations Salon Services orients our stylist so they can work more effectively in your in-house salon.

Q: It sounds expensive. How are the prices set?

A: We do not have a fixed pricing policy. We often work with the prices already in place in your salon. For new communities, we survey other communities or salons in the area working with you to price accordingly.

Q: What does your service cost?

A: Absolutely nothing. In fact, you can earn additional revenue—call us to learn more!

Q: Where do you find your stylists?

A: Many times we use one of our existing stylists. Most of our stylists presently work for us a few days a week and are looking for more work. If we cannot place someone from within Generations Salon Services in your community, we advertise in your local paper for an experienced stylist.

Q: How do you determine how to staff our salon?

A: Our stylists can accommodate an average of 10 to 15 clients daily. An analysis of existing services will be performed to ascertain what residents desire and at what frequency. Based upon the findings, staff and days will be scheduled. The same stylist will work on the same days of the week so residents can develop a working relationship with them, be comfortable and not have to undergo change at every appointment. We are available to work one day a week or up to five days depending on your needs and desires.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to approve the stylist selected for my salon?

A: Yes. After we have screened the applicants and made our selection, we can arrange for a meeting with someone at your community to be sure you are comfortable with our selection.

Q: I am happy with my present beautician, but like your program. Are you able to have them work for you?

A: With your permission, we will meet with your beautician to discuss our program and their level of interest in joining the Generations Salon Services family. We provide stylists with a commission, paid weekly, have professional liability insurance, and provide supplies as part of their commission structure.

Q: What type of agreement do you require we sign?

A: We have a simple independent contractor agreement that describes our responsibilities, as well as yours.


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